Dodge RAM Loud Fan When Accelerating? – Let’s Tackle It In 2023!

One of the frustrating things to your ears is your favorite Dodge RAM’s cooling fan producing loud noise during acceleration. For this reason, Several factors contribute to this issue, which we will discuss in this article. So, stay with me until the end to overcome this noise!

Dodge RAM Loud fan when accelerating, can be due to failing fan clutches, imbalanced motor, and temperature issues, which can be solved by belt inspection and Regular Coolant Checking.

In that case, Come with me on the Dodge RAM truck and explore the reasons behind this noise and practical solutions to provide a smoother and quieter ride.

Top 8 Reasons For Dodge RAM Loud Fan When Accelerating – Seek The Correct Solution!

1. Firstly, I think it can be the Fan Clutch:

In Your Dodge RAM truck, the fan clutch mechanism controls the radiator fan’s engagement based on engine temperature. 

However, if this mechanism is wearing out or simply giving up, it might lead to the fan spinning faster than necessary. Resultantly, more noise.

Firstly, I think it can be the Fan Clutch

Solution: Handling Fan Clutch issues:

  • Professional assistance: A mechanic can fully consider if your Dodge RAM Truck operates a fan clutch mechanism.
  • Deciding on Repair or Replacement: After their inspection, you’ll understand whether repairing or replacing the fan clutch is right.

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2. Another critical point can be the Fan Belts that can cause loud fans when accelerating:

So, the fan belt – that trusty serpentine belt driving your radiator fan – might be causing the ruckus. Over time, this belt can get loose, worn, or damaged, resulting in those unnerving slipping or squealing sounds.

When the fan belt’s health is compromised, the radiator fan’s rotation might get bumpy, increasing noise levels.

Another critical point can be the Fan Belts that can cause loud fans when accelerating:
Source:Car From Japan

Solution: Let’s Tackle the Fan Belt Dilemma:

  • Belt Inspection: With this intention, you should Start by carefully inspecting the fan belt for any wear and tear. It’s crucial to catch this early.
  • Adjusting Tension: Next, take cues from your Dodge RAM’s manual to ensure the fan belt is perfectly tensioned, as the manufacturer recommends.
  • Lastly, Replacement Time: If your belt has seen better days, don’t hesitate to replace it with a new one. This will help your Dodge RAM  restore optimal performance and keep the noise at bay.

3. Next can be the Fan Motor of the Dodge RAM radiator fan causing noise:

Ever wondered what gets those fan blades spinning? It’s the radiator fan motor, of course. 

Moreover, When this motor runs into issues such as electrical glitches, bearing wear, or damage, it can result in irregular rotations and, inevitably, more noise.

Next can be the Fan Motor of the Dodge RAM radiator fan causing noise

Solution: Addressing the Fan Motor Blues

  • Professional Diagnosis: In that case, As a skilled mechanic, closely inspect the condition of your radiator fan motor. As a result, Their expertise will provide a clear picture to you.
  • Repair or Replace: Moreover, Based on their assessment, you’ll be better equipped to decide whether repairing or replacing the motor is best.

4. Moreover, Debris may be the cause of the irritating noise of your Dodge RAM loud fan when accelerating:

That is to say, Sometimes, those little troublemakers like leaves or debris manage to sneak into the fan blades. Moreover, These foreign objects create an imbalance that leads to problematic noise. 

Hence, if the fan shroud (the protective covering around the fan) is misaligned due to imbalances, it can cause loud vibrations.

Moreover, Debris may be the cause of the irritating noise of your Dodge RAM loud fan when accelerating

Solution: Clearing the Path and Fixing the Fan Shroud

  • First is Thorough Examination: Take your time inspecting the fan blades. For this reason, If any obstructions are causing imbalance or noise, let’s eliminate them.
  • Next can be Shroud Restoration: If the fan shroud isn’t in the best shape, it needs attention. Therefore, Ensuring proper alignment can reduce vibrations and the resulting noise.

5. Dodge RAM Loud Fan, When Accelerating, can be due to malfunctioning Electric Fan:

In newer Dodge RAM models, the radiator fan is powered by electricity, eliminating the need for a belt. However, noise issues can arise due to a malfunctioning fan motor, worn-out bearings, or electrical glitches.


Solution: Enrolling Electrical Expertise

  • Specialized Inspection: I suggest you consult a mechanic when dealing with electric radiator fans.
  • Detect and Solve: After a comprehensive inspection, they can accurately diagnose problems and recommend suitable solutions.

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6. Cooling System can be another suspect for the noise:

When debris partially obstructs your Dodge RAM’s radiator or cooling system, it forces the fan to work harder due to restricted airflow. Hence, This added strain results in more noise than you’d prefer.

Solution: Maintaining a Smooth Cooling System:

  • Flush or Professional Clean: To overcome blockages, consider flushing the system or seeking professional cleaning services.
  • Regular Coolant Check: Moreover, Keep a close eye on your coolant levels and quality to prevent placing stress on the fan.

7. I would suggest checking if it is Overheating, causing the Dodge RAM Loud Fan to Accelerate:

An overheating engine can add extra pressure to the cooling system, leading to heightened fan noise. Identifying the root cause of overheating is paramount.

Solution: Keeping Your Engine Cool and Calm

  • Thorough Check: Take a deep dive into the thermostat, coolant level, and water pump to ensure everything’s operating as it should.
  • Repair or Replace: If you discover any components acting up, address them promptly to ease the fan’s workload.

8. Lastly, Leaky Radiators:

Leaky radiators with holes or cracks can create pressure imbalances. Therefore, it allows sound waves to travel through the body panels of your Dodge RAM, resulting in that distinct noise.

Leaky Radiators
Source:Thompson Sales

Solution: Mending Those Leaky Radiators

  • Regular Inspection: Make it a habit to inspect your radiator for signs of leaks and perform pressure tests to detect hidden issues.
  • Seek Professional Assistance: Should you spot leaks, consult a radiator specialist to mend or replace the radiator, restoring proper pressure and minimizing noise.

Above all, By understanding these potential causes and applying the recommended solutions I gave you. Your driving experience will be quieter and more enjoyable with careful analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Could the Loud Fan Noise in My Dodge RAM Truck be Linked to Specific Driving Modes or Conditions?

Yes, Specific driving modes, such as towing, off-road, or high-performance settings, can strain the engine, increasing fan activity and noise.

2. How Can I Differentiate Between Normal Engine Noise and Excessive Fan Noise in My Dodge RAM Truck?

If you notice a sudden increase in noise levels during acceleration, accompanied by vibration or irregular sounds, it’s likely related to the cooling fan. Comparing the noise to a familiar baseline can help determine if it’s unusual.

3. Can Aftermarket Modifications Cause Excessive Fan Noise in My Dodge RAM Truck?

Yes, aftermarket modifications, such as altering the grille design or adding non-standard accessories, can disrupt the vehicle’s airflow and contribute to fan noise. 

You can also Check if 35-inch tires fit Dodge Ram and whether it causes any issues in this regard!

4. Could Weather Conditions Amplify the Fan Noise in My Dodge RAM Truck?

Yes, Weather conditions like high humidity or extreme temperatures can influence fan noise. Additionally, cold weather might cause certain materials to contract, altering airflow patterns and generating noise.

5. Can Drive on Rough Terrain Increase Fan Noise in My Dodge RAM Truck?

Yes, driving on rough or uneven terrain can cause vibrations and impact the alignment of fan components. In addition,  This misalignment can lead to contact with other parts, resulting in increased noise. 


Dodge RAM Loud fan when accelerating, can be solved by belt inspection and Regular Coolant Checking caused by failing fan clutches, imbalance belt or motor, or temperature issues with the cooling fan.

Above all, I provided you with all the reasons along with their respective solution that you can adopt to completely solve the noise issue of your Dodge RAM truck.


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