What Year Are Dodge Ram Seats Interchangeable? – Check History In 2023

Over time, the seats in your beloved Dodge Ram can wear out, leading to discomfort and a less appealing interior. While your truck originally came with factory seats, this guide will help you explore alternative seat choices. 

Dodge Ram seats are interchangeable with any truck model, for instance, 3rd or 4th-gen seats (1500, 2500, 3500) into second-generation Dodge Ram, specifically between 2006-2009.

With this intention, let’s hop on a Dodge Ram truck with me so I can provide you with detailed information about compatible seat options according to your Dodge Ram’s unique model.

Seek The Dodge Ram Seat History Related!

The Dodge Ram started in 1980 and has undergone five different versions, making it a well-known full-size pickup truck.

They brought back the iconic ram’s seat adjustment that hadn’t been seen since 1954, and that’s how the Dodge RAM truck got its name. It’s a way to show how vital and long-lasting the truck’s history is.

Seat Options for Your Dodge Ram!

In this case, you can adapt nearly any truck seat that aligns with the general dimensions of your Ram’s cab. 

However, selecting the right seats for your specific truck model requires thoughtful consideration and an understanding of the intricacies of each generation.

Let’s See What Year Are Dodge Ram seats interchangeable – Must Check It!

1. Firstly, Seats for 1st Generation Dodge Ram (1981 – 1993):

In this case, The first Dodge Ram trucks had classic bench seats that brought back old feelings. But if you’re considering changing or improving these seats, some essential things must be considered.

 Seats for 1st Generation Dodge Ram

More importantly, These trucks were not designed for seats that can move with buttons quickly, so you can’t add those to these trucks easily.

2. Compatible Seat Models for Your 1st-gen Dodge Ram:

Here are some seat models that are compatible with your 1st-generation Dodge Ram, ensuring a seamless fit and a touch of classic elegance:

Compatible Seat Models for Your 1st-gen Dodge Ram
  • Laguna Low Back
  • Qualitex Express
  • Qualitex American Classic

3. Next are the Seats for 2nd Generation Dodge Ram (1994 – 2001): 

They significantly changed by introducing quad-cab designs, such as a generation of Dodge Ram trucks. Hence, This change meant that there was now a smaller center seat in these trucks. 

Moreover, this situation presents challenges and opportunities for people who want to make their 2nd-gen trucks more comfortable.

4. Compatible Seat Models for Your 2nd-gen Dodge Ram 

With some clever adjustments and modifications, you can put seats from the 4th-generation Dodge Ram trucks into your 2nd-gen truck. 

This can bring in more modern and comfortable seating options. However, the crucial thing to remember is that you must ensure the new seats fit perfectly within the available space in your truck’s cabin.

5. Seats for 3rd Generation Dodge Ram (2002 – 2008): 

Notably, they came in various versions, with the cabin width staying the same at 80 inches. Therefore, This is great because it allowed many seats to fit in these trucks, giving Dodge Ram owners many options.

6. Here’s something important to change your seat: 

You can pick what you want, whether you like the more modern-looking or classic seats. 

However, you must be careful about the seat’s size, especially how much space it takes up from front to back. This is super important to ensure the seats fit perfectly in your truck.

7. Further Are The Seats for 4th Generation DM (2009 – 2018): Navigating Space Constraints:

In this case, the cabin width stayed the same at 79 inches. However, there’s something unique about this generation – it has narrow middle seats. 

Notably, Most seats can fit in this space without a problem. But if you want seats with a total seat base (the part you sit on), they might cause issues because of the limited width.

Here’s the critical point: If you’re considering getting new seats for this generation, it’s essential to be aware of this reduced width. So, when you pick seats, ensure they fit nicely into your truck’s cabin space.

8. Lastly, There Come The Seats for 5th Generation Dodge Ram (2019 – Present):

These trucks went through some significant changes. One notable difference was that the inside of the truck, where you sit, became wider, measuring about 82 inches across. 

This extra room opened up more possibilities for choosing new seats for your truck.

There Come The Seats for 5th Generation Dodge Ram

However, it’s crucial to remember that even though there’s more space, there’s still a narrow seat in the middle of the front row. When picking new seats, ensure they fit well with this narrow seat to ensure everything looks and feels right inside your truck.

NOTE: Beforehand, here is a link that I consider you must check if you want more information about what people are doing to interchange their Dodge RAM seat

Choosing the right replacement seats for your Dodge Ram is about paying close attention to the details. Here are some essential Factors to consider before buying a new seat to replace the previous one!

Key Considerations When Choosing Replacement Seats – Read Before Buying!

  • Seat Material: Prioritize comfort and aesthetics by choosing the suitable seat material. Options encompass fabric, leather, and other materials. Remember that leather may be less comfortable during hot weather, although it is easier to clean than fabric seats.
  • Seat Size: Ensure that the seats you choose fit comfortably. But within the available cab width while remaining practical for their intended use.
  • Seatbelts: Safety is paramount. Ensure that the new seats do not obstruct seatbelts and comply with all legal requirements for passenger safety.
  • Seat Height: In this case, Select seats that provide adequate visibility over the dashboard and offer a comfortable driving experience, particularly in the elevated cabin of a Dodge Ram.
  • Comfort: Consider the terrain you’ll traverse; comfortable seats with ample cushioning and shock absorption are crucial for a smooth ride, especially on rough and challenging topography.

Another critical modification related to your lovely truck that I suggested can be Fitting 35-inch tires into your Dodge RAM

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I Convert My Dodge Ram Seats into a Couch for Tailgating?

Yes, you can! While it’s a creative idea, converting your Dodge Ram seats into a tailgating couch may require extensive modifications. It’s essential to ensure safety and legality when altering your vehicle’s seating arrangement.

2. Are power-adjustable seats compatible with 1st-gen Dodge Ram trucks?

The original design of 1st-gen Dodge Ram trucks may not readily support power-adjustable features. While creative modifications are possible, it’s essential to recognize this limitation when considering seat upgrades.

3. What are the benefits of upgrading to newer Dodge Ram seats?

In this case, Upgrading to newer seats can enhance your driving comfort, modernize your interior, and add value to your Dodge Ram.


Dodge Ram seats, such as Seats from 4th-gen Dodge Ram models (1500, 2500, 3500), are interchangeable with second-generation Truck seats, particularly between 2006-2009.

Afterward, With careful consideration of the detail I Provided, you can transform your truck’s interior into a space that combines comfort and style.


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