Will 6 Lug Chevy Rims Fit Dodge Ram 1500? – Let’s Find Out In 2023!

To upgrade your Dodge Ram 1500 Rims with 6-lug Chevy rims. You have to take necessary measures for such modification to prevent accidents or other damages to your truck. Therefore, I will help you to ensure a perfect fit!

Yes, 6-lug Chevy rims will fit a Dodge Ram 1500. Chevy and Dodge trucks typically have a 6-lug bolt pattern (6×139.7), making the edges compatible. So, let’s discover the factors to fit Chevy rims into your Dodge Ram 1500!

Top 4 Factors To Consider When Changing 6-Lug Chevy Rims In Dodge Ram 1500 – Understand This Crucial Step!

1. First is To Ensure Bolt Pattern Compatibility:

The bolt pattern is one of the most critical factors when swapping rims between different vehicle brands. The bolt pattern refers to the number of bolts or lugs on the wheel and the diameter of the imaginary circle formed by these bolts.

Ensure Bolt Pattern Compatibility
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In the case of a Dodge Ram 1500 and Chevy, 2019 and newer models of these trucks share a 6-lug bolt pattern, specifically 6×139.7. This means the wheels are interchangeable, allowing you to install Chevy rims on your Dodge Ram 1500 without issues.

2. Next, Check the Hub Bore Size For A Proper Fit:

While bolt pattern compatibility is a significant aspect, it’s equally important to ensure that the hub bore size of the rims matches your Dodge Ram 1500. The hub bore is the hole in the center of the wheel that fits over the vehicle’s hub. 

Hub Bore Size For A Proper Fit
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If the hub bore is too small, the rims will not fit properly, leading to vibrations and potential safety concerns. On the other hand, if the hub bore size is too large, you can use hub rings to center the rims on the hub.

3. Offset and Backspacing – Getting the Right Fit:

In addition to the bolt pattern and hub bore size, you must consider the offset and backspacing when fitting Chevy rims on your Dodge Ram 1500. 

Offset and Backspacing
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The offset refers to the distance from the wheel’s centerline to the mounting surface, while the backspacing measures the distance from the mounting surface to the back edge of the wheel. 

Moreover, These factors determine how the wheels will sit in the wheel well and affect clearance with suspension components. To ensure a proper fit, it’s crucial to match the offset and backspacing of the Chevy rims with your Dodge Ram 1500’s stock rims. 

Hence, This will help prevent issues such as rubbing against suspension components, interference with brake calipers, or tires sticking out too far from the wheel well.

4. Consulting a Wheel and Tire Specialist – Expert Advice Matters:

While the information provided here should give you a good understanding of the compatibility between 6-lug Chevy rims and a Dodge Ram 1500, consulting with a wheel and tire specialist is always recommended. 

Consulting a Wheel and Tire Specialist
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These professionals have in-depth knowledge and experience in fitting different rims on various vehicles.  Therefore, They can provide expert advice tailored to your specific Dodge Ram 1500 model and help you choose the right rims that meet all the criteria for a perfect fit.

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Step-by-Step Guide For Fitting Chevy Rims on Your Dodge Ram 1500 – Follow Carefully!

1. In the first place, Get your truck ready for the rim installation:

  • Park your truck on a flat surface and engage the parking brake
  • Safely raise the truck using a jack or car lift
  • Then, Remove the current rims and tires

2. At this instant, Thoroughly inspect and clean the Chevy rims:

  • Check for any damage or imperfections
  • Wash the rims with mild soap and water
  • Ensure they are completely dry before proceeding
Thoroughly inspect and clean the Chevy rims
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3. Hub Size Check:

Verify that the hub bore size of the Chevy rims matches your Dodge Ram 1500. Use hub rings or adapters if necessary to achieve a proper fit.

4. Install the Chevy rims onto your Dodge Ram 1500:

  • Carefully place each rim onto the corresponding wheel hub
  • Ensure proper fitment and alignment with the wheel studs
  • Attach the lug nuts, but avoid fully tightening them at this stage

5. Properly tighten the lug nuts in a star or crisscross pattern:

  • Gradually tighten each lug nut one by one to distribute pressure evenly
  • Use a torque wrench to reach the recommended torque specified by the vehicle or rim manufacturer
Properly tighten the lug nuts in a star or crisscross pattern

6. Lowering the Truck:

If you used a jack or lift, safely lower your Dodge Ram 1500 to the ground:

  • Continue tightening the lug nuts in the same pattern as the recommended torque

7. After installation, inspect the fitment of the Chevy rims:

  • Visually check clearance between the rims and other components (e.g., suspension, brakes, fenders)
  • Ensure there is no rubbing or interference during wheel rotation
  • Take a test drive to listen for any unusual noises or vibrations that may indicate fitment issues

Understanding the Potential Risks After Fitting Chevy Rims on Your Dodge Ram 1500!

1. Compatibility Issues: 

In the first place, Checking Chevy rims are compatible with your Dodge Ram 1500 is crucial. Check if the bolt pattern matches and pay attention to details like offset, backspacing, and hub bore size. Further, it can cause rubbing, handling problems, or damage essential parts.

Compatibility Issues
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2. Safety Concerns:

Your safety is the top priority. Ill-fitted rims can affect your vehicle’s safety. Furthermore, Improper offset or backspacing can disrupt suspension and steering, leading to unstable handling and stress on components, compromising your control.

3. Warranty and Insurance Implications:

Consider the impact on your vehicle warranty and insurance coverage. Using rims not designed for your vehicle may void the warranty. If accidents or damage occur due to ill-fitted rims, it may affect insurance claims.

4. Legal Compliance:

Ensure that any modifications, including rim changes, comply with local regulations and laws. This prevents legal issues and fines. In this case, you can Seek guidance from local authorities on rim modification regulations in your area.

Legal Compliance
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5. Lastly, Tire Fitment:

Remember tire compatibility. Ensure that your tire size, load rating, and speed rating suit the new Chevy rims and provide proper clearance within the wheel well. Incorrect tire sizes can negatively impact your truck’s handling safety and void warranties.

Finally, Consider these factors and consult a wheel and tire specialist who can provide personalized guidance for fitting Chevy rims on your Dodge Ram 1500. 

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Next are some popular questions you might be searching for. So, let’s move on to them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I fit 6-lug rims on a Dodge Ram with a 5-lug bolt pattern?

No, it is impossible to fit 6-lug rims on a Dodge Ram with a 5-lug bolt pattern. Further, The bolt patterns are different, and attempting to fit incompatible rims can result in improper fitment and safety issues.

2. Can I use aftermarket rims without affecting my vehicle’s warranty?

No damage or issues linked to the aftermarket rims may affect the warranty coverage for specific components. For this reason, Review your vehicle’s warranty terms and consult with the manufacturer or dealership for clarification.

3. Can I fit more giant rims on my vehicle without modifying the suspension?

No, Fitting more giant rims may require suspension modifications, primarily if the new rims result in a larger tire diameter. Hence, Consult a wheel and tire specialist to determine if any suspension modifications are necessary.

4. Are wheel spacers a safe option for a better fit?

Yes, Wheel spacers can be used, but it’s essential to use high-quality spacers that are correctly installed and compatible with your vehicle. Improperly installed or low-quality spacers can compromise safety.

In a Nutshell:

Summing up all the points, the 6-lug Chevy rims will fit the Dodge Ram 1500 since both trucks share the same 6×139.7 bolt pattern, allowing interchangeability.

Hence, By understanding the factors for compatibility, you can explore your options and give your truck a new look with compatible Chevy rims!


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